Top rider feedback

'We are delighted with our Exselle saddles and use them on all of our event horses from 5 year olds just starting their careers, to the experienced, advanced horses doing the top competitions in the sport. The extensive range of Exselle saddles means that whatever the size, shape and requirements of the horse and rider, Exselle will have a stylish, well made and comfy saddle to suit their needs.'
Pip Peters and Ross Millar- Riders for Team Ames Eventing

Top rider feedback

'Since using my Integra Exselle there has been a great improvement through my mare's shoulders and back. Her jump is now freer and softer. My three year old will definately be ridden in one!

These quality saddles are exceptional value for money and a great asset to anybody who jumps'
Lucy Ireland

Top rider feedback

'Photo shows me and Joseph at the Cotswold Team Chase ... Joseph is so happy and comfortable. Best Wishes'
Lady Rosie Vesty

Master Saddler feedback

' I have been a saddle fitter since beginning my apprenticeship in 1967. Whilst working as a bench saddler I was also competing in show jumping and evening competitions and became interested in the performance of the horse in relation to the fit of the saddle. It soon became apparent that the fit could radically alter a horse’s way of going and so for the last 25 years the greater part of my business has been finding the best possible fit for both horse and rider.

I now have saddles made for me from a range of manufacturers, including saddles from the Exselle range by Walsall Riding Saddle. Amongst these I find the most popular are the Evolution, which is a GP/Jumping saddle that has a large bearing area for the horse’s comfort, whilst the cut of the flap suits riders who are long from thigh to knee for general riding and is great for jumping for more average sized riders.

I also sell the Axcess, which is a very reasonably priced general purpose saddle with a tree shape that suits horses and ponies with broad vertebrae and a flatter back such as the native breeds.

A recent and exiting addition to our stock has been the Woodstock Duo jumping saddle, made for us with a flocked panel. This is an attractive and extremely comfortable saddle that the younger riders (say under 30!) really go for.

Finally we sell several Exselle pony saddles which I find fit the flat backed ponies very well and the shape of the tree is such that I have on occasion fitted them for a short backed horse with a smaller rider with great success.

I enjoy selling the Exselle range, as they are well made, good looking saddles that fit well, are very comfortable and reasonably priced. The staff at Exselle could not be more helpful or obliging.'
Kay Hastilow, Master Saddler, Qualified Saddle Fitter